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About Us



  We publish the new brochure of SHANDONG CHENZHONG MACHINERY CO., LTD. It introduces many familiar dominanting products under the trademark of CHENZHONG, such as ‘THE SYSTEMS OF PROCESSING LOW AND HIGH CONSISTENCY WASTE PAPER’, ‘LOW CONSISTENCY REFINERS’, ‘DISC HEAT DISPERSING SYSTEM’, ‘THICKENING EQUIPMRNTS’ and ‘WHITE WATER FIBER RECOVERING EQUIPMENTS’ etc. It also introduces the whole set product which is newly developed and being put into practice, such as ‘COTTON STICK CONTINUOUS DIGESTING SYSTEM’, ‘HIGH CONSISTENCY REFINER’ etc, our researches on the chemical machine pulp and semi-chemical machine pulp are also included in this brochure.

  One of the strategy of us is to make the whole line product under the trademark of CHENZHONG form complete pulp and paper making flow, to supply efficient pulp making flow scheme in order to serve you better. This strategy has already been put into practice and also has gotten satisfactory effect, and we will continue to actualize this strategy to make the benefits of you and me.

  Going with actualizing of this strategy, our outward propagandistic keynote and style will change greatly too. This point can be embodied from the style of brochure. Besides advertising on many professional publication and keeping communication with guild, We will take part in the industry exhibition actively in order to contact with the customers widely, know the market more deeply, give prominence to the function of the brochure and also build the professional image. At the same time, exhibition can exhibit the special style of our product brochure, company force and management, it is convenient for communication with you.

  We promise the quality and service under the trademark of CHENZHONG will be improved, going with the publishing of the product new edition brochure. All the old and new customers will enjoy our high-quality service and technology support as usual.

  We believe CHENZHONG brand product can supply good efficiency and high-quality service, bring you greater benefit and bring us more business opportunity, thereby we can advance the market competitive power together.

  During the publishing of the new brochure, we hope that we could get your persistent support, and also we will appreciate your valuable advice.

  Thank you for choosing CHENZHONG brand product and your long-time trust and support. We hope that we can develop pleasant cooperation and more large-scale business.