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Shandong Chenzhong Machinery Co.,Ltd. reported that the 55th anniversary of construction

Number of visits: Date:2009-11-24

    October 16, 2009, Shandong Chenzhong Machinery Co.,Ltd. in the factory district held a grand ceremony to celebrate the company "Four Diamond Jubilee." A happy fifth anniversary of the construction. Second, hi, high disc refiner ribbon-cutting technological transformation projects completed in the main workshop. The total investment of 96 million yuan, the new plant 12125m2, the major equipment has been installed. After project is put into annual sales income 110 million yuan, profits of 15 million yuan, the production capacity to a new level. After completion of the papermaking equipment, improve the national level, energy conservation, promote the recycling economy has great significance. Miki, the company with the Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Chen Yunbo co-construction of the "bell Machinery in Shandong Province Academy of workstations" opening. This is the company's R & D strength will play a major role in promoting. Sixi, the new company, "Cornelius Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. Shandong bell," opening the company to develop and produce petroleum machinery, main products: fracturing pumps, piston pumps and so on. Building is put into the annual sales income of 250 million yuan, profits of 46 million yuan.



    Celebration day, the five county leaders attended the celebration team, from research institutes, universities, association leaders and experts, city and counties as well as leaders of relevant departments, sales customers, suppliers, customers and company veteran leaders, staff representatives, and other employees about 1,000 people attended the ceremony.

    Guests visited the company plant, after completion of the new workshop was held in celebration of the Assembly, is divided into celebration speech, the opening ceremony, ribbon-cutting project is completed, the four major aspects of theatrical performances. Chairman and general manager Tian Lizhong first speech, on all the leaders, the arrival of guests expressed their heartfelt thanks, for you old people expressed sincere greetings. Mechanical speech recalled the bell fifty-five years of development history, reviews the recent development results, the future development of proposed bell objectives and requirements. Subsequently, on behalf of your clients and paper, banknote paper mills were Baoding congratulated Mr. Since then, the industry leader in China Light Industry Machinery Association Xuzheng Yuan Secretary-General delivered a speech, affirmed the achievements made over the years and bell machinery and paper machinery industry of China made a significant contribution and look forward to further increase the mechanical bell product innovation efforts, more industry, bigger and stronger, became the industry leader in paper-making machinery for the development of China Light Industry Machinery industry to make greater contribution. Finally, Huantai County Standing Committee, deputy governor Mr. Gao Lianyi delivered a speech, expressed the company's four Xilinmen warm congratulations, and the high expectations raised.

    Subsequently, a Fellow of the station, Coney Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. Shandong bell opening ceremony and ribbon-cutting ceremony for the completion of new plant.

    Finally, brilliant performances, brilliant performances won thunderous applause the audience. It is reported that the celebration of the General Assembly was to be guests and the community generally well received, so that the community see a more mature thick, vibrant bell, more determined to win the community's confidence in cooperation with the bell, the departmental staff also encouraged, as the bell for the proud man, and determined to be more positive and enthusiastic passion into the construction of a century bell career.


                             Shandong Chenzhong Machinery Co.,Ltd.

                                November 2009

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