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Shandong Chenzhong Machinery Co., Ltd. and Wenzhou Hongqi Paper Co., Ltd. signed a full set of pulping system service contract with an annual output of 200,000 tons of whiteboard production line.

Oct 17,2020

Recently, Shandong Chenzhong Machinery Co., Ltd. and Wenzhou Hongqi Paper Co., Ltd. signed a service contract for a full set of pulping system for whiteboard production line with an annual output of 200,000 tons. The complete set of pulping equipment provided by Shandong Chenzhong includes: chain conveyor system, rotary drum pulper, low/high consistency hydraulic pulper system, one-stage and two-stage high consistency desilter system, coarse screening system, fine screening system, tailings treatment system, and pre-network conveying system and other equipment.


In this year's economic downturn at home and abroad, Wenzhou Hongqi Paper Co., Ltd. with the unique Zhejiang businessmen to grasp the market ability and dare to be the first pioneering spirit, based on market demand, on the 200,000 tons of annual production capacity of whiteboard line project. The project team, after many inspections, exchanges and technical demonstration, fully recognized the product quality, equipment performance and service level of Shandong Chenzhong, and appreciated the energy-saving effect and advanced technology concept of Shandong Chenzhong's products, and believed that it could bring more benefits to the enterprise in the future production operation of the whole line, and finally delivered the whole set of equipment for the whole pulping line to Shandong Chenzhong for production.


Shandong Chenzhong as a long history of papermaking machinery, environmental protection equipment manufacturers, still standing in the paper equipment industry, because over the years, as always, adhering to the "Chenzhong culture", in line with the "quality first, service first, technology first, innovation first," the business philosophy of the service to the majority of customers, and has won the domestic and foreign customers a good reputation.