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Congratulations to Chenzhong Machinery for making new breakthroughs in the international tobacco industry!

Jul 07,2017


Shandong Chenzhong Machinery and Italian customer Gap Con tissue S.r.l. signed a contract in June 2017 about the high concentration thinning machine for treating tobacco stems, which is a new breakthrough for Chenzhong Machinery to cross the border in foreign tobacco industry.

In China's tobacco industry, Morning Bell Machinery has made a lot of achievements, like Shanghai China Tobacco, Taicang Tobacco, Henan China Tobacco, Anhui China Tobacco, Shaoguan Guorun and Shandong Rebus are all customers of Morning Bell Machinery.

As the leader of domestic pulping machinery and equipment, Chenzhong Machinery has been involved in many industries and has a wide range of products, which can give customers the most reliable support, not only in the OCC pulp line, DIP pulp line, wood fiber and non-wood fiber homemade pulp line, but also in some of the special industry pulp line has also accumulated a lot of experience.

There are many types of specialty papers, each with its own unique process and its own separate market. For the special characteristics of special paper industry, for more than twenty years, Chenzhong Machinery has been sinking its heart into the study of the characteristics of special paper industry, and strive to achieve excellence in equipment, suitable for different special paper industry needs.

Now we introduce some of the performance of the special industry:

1, aramid, spandex and other special materials: spandex scientific name for the polyurethane fiber (Polyurethane), is a kind of elastic fiber, can be elongated 6-7 times, mainly used to meet the comfort requirements of the need to stretch above the clothing; aramid scientific name for the polyphenylene dicarbonyl benzene diamine (Aramid fiber), is a high-tech synthetic fibers, used in composite materials, bullet-proof products, building materials, Special protective clothing and electronic equipment and other fields. Our company has long cooperated with Shandong Taihe New Material (Yantai Spandex), Shanghai Sheng'ou and Suzhou Sheng'ou, providing pulping machine, grinding machine and dissolving machine for them. In 2010, we supplied the whole pulping system and conveying system for Shenzhen Haotian Longbang Composites Company Limited's "Aramid composite material project", which was successfully started in 2011.

2, banknote paper and chemical fiber industry: Chenzhong machinery design and production of national patented products, large taper refiner and suitable for cotton pulp industry cyclone pulper in the banknote paper mills and chemical fiber industry is widely used, such as China's three major banknote paper mills (Baoding Banknote Paper Mills, Kunshan Banknote Paper Mills, and Chengdu Banknote Paper Mills), GaoMi YinYing Chemical Fibers, Anhui Xuelong Chemical Fibers, Xinjiang Aksu JinJiang Chemical Fibers, Nanjing Chemical Fibers, JiuJiang Chemical Fibers, and so on.

3, nitrocellulose nitrate industry: nitrocellulose nitrate scientific name for cellulose nitrate, which has a high degree of flammability and explosiveness, and therefore the design and production of equipment must pay special attention. Luzhou Chemical Fiber Factory and Xi'an Hui'an Group is China's leading nitrocellulose industry, which has more than ten years of cooperation with Chenzhong Machinery, the company's special modification of the treatment of pulper, conical grinder and double-disc grinder in the treatment of nitrocellulose after many tests and operation, completely replace the imported products. Chenzhong Machinery also exported 3 sets of fine breakers to produce nitrocellulose in Africa in 2008.

4, glass fiber: glass fiber English name for Glass fiber or Fiberglass, is an excellent performance of inorganic non-metallic materials, insulation, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, but very brittle, fragile, mainly used in composite materials in the reinforcing materials, electrical insulation materials and insulation insulation materials, circuit substrates and other areas of the national economy. My company for the Shandong Orient Longma High-tech Materials Co., Ltd. supply of pulping machine, dregs remover and sparing machine to deal with glass fibers, mainly used for storage battery use.

5、Thin carrier tape raw paper for electronic components: thin carrier tape raw paper for electronic components is mainly used in electronic chip industry. Ltd. and Zhejiang Jiemei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. signed a contract in March 2015 for the whole set of equipment of pulping system and flow system for the electronic thin carrier tape special raw paper project. Jiemei Technology's electronic components thin carrier tape raw paper market share of up to 60% or more, high-end products are mainly exported to Japan Fukuda and South Korea Samsung, and Samsung Electro-Mechanics rated as a global excellent supplier.

For more than twenty years, the equipment of Shandong Chenzhong Machinery Co., Ltd. has had a large number of customers in the fields of decorative raw paper, copy raw paper, buff raw paper, medical wrapping paper, literary paper, air cartridge paper, grapheme paper (release paper), high voltage cable paper, insulating paper, capacitor paper, carbonless copy paper, transfer printing paper, cigarette paper, banknote raw paper, cement bag paper, straw rope paper, non-woven bag paper, household paper, and chemical fiber industry. Customer groups and operating data. Specialty industry is a relatively high demand for equipment and process industry, Chenzhong machinery has accumulated a lot of practical experience, the requirements of their own products to strive for excellence, to meet the majority of special paper industry on the demand for equipment, I believe that through the successful signing of this project, Shandong Chenzhong machinery in the international specialty paper industry will be another step up.