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Warmly congratulate Iran Kavir Moghava Ardestan paper industry pulp line equipment shipment completed

Jul 07,2017

Shandong Chenzhong Machinery Co., Ltd. and Iran Kavir Moghava Ardestan Paper Company signed a daily output of 150 tons of gray bottom coated board project equipment recently shipped, Chenzhong Machinery for the customer to provide a complete set of pulp line equipment from the feeding system to the flow system, as well as pulp pumps and pumps and other auxiliary equipment, and undertook the design of the pulp line process and the pulp plant equipment layout and piping design services. We also undertake the process flow design of the pulping line and the equipment layout and piping design of the pulping plant.

After the production line is put into operation, it will provide Iran and its neighboring areas with high-quality gray background whiteboard paper.


This coated board production line is the second whole line of coated board production line exported by Chenzhong Machinery after the 300 tons per day coated white board production line of Buana Megah paper mill in Indonesia was started in 2013. After the start-up of the coated board production line in Buana Megah paper mill in Indonesia, the personnel of Indonesia Sun paper mill visited the line and approved it very much, and ordered the 80-ton per day DIP deinking pulp line from the company to produce tissue paper, which was started smoothly and produced qualified recycled paper for tissue production.

Indonesia Buana Megah paper mill site


Chenzhong machinery in the DIP pulp line has accumulated more than 20 production line performance, from the daily output of 30-40 tons of DIP pulp line to the daily output of 300 tons of DIP pulp line, the morning bell machinery have done excellence, quality assurance, I believe that the morning bell brand as the brand symbolizes the "morning bell" as resounding all over the world.